Can I bring my baby?

Pre-crawling babies are welcome to all Foundations classes. Signature is baby-free, for an hour of total 'you time’.

What do I do with my baby during class?

Bring your own baby blanket and we’ll set you up with a yoga blanket that you cover and place next to your mat. It’s no problem if you need to stop and feed or diaper change. You are still getting enormous benefit from being in class, absorbing the information and working out with your community.

how many moms are in class?

We cap Foundations class attendance at 16- 20 depending on studio size - a number that creates a vibrant community while still intimate enough to receive my personal attention.

What do I wear?

Yoga/Work out clothes and we practice barefoot.

What if I need to miss a foundations class?

Foundations is a complete 12-Week Program full of supportive emails, goodies, videos, classes and friends.  If you need to miss a class or two, don’t stress! It’s not that big of a deal. You can make-up missed classes in any other Foundations or Signature class before the end of your series.  Make-Up Class credits expire at the end of your Foundations program.

what if i’m running late?

I completely understand the unexpected of living with a baby.  I don’t care how late you arrive, get your booty into class and take a breath.  You made it.

Refunds and cancellations?

Once you sign up for Foundations, your spot is secured and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Signature Classes can be cancelled 12-hours in advance to receive your class credit back to your account.

stroller parking?

All of our studios have stroller parking. That said, space can be tight, so if you’re comfortable wearing your baby, that option tends to be a little easier.


To fully participate in Foundations and On Demand, you will need a soft foam roller for your home-work-out videos. Make sure to order a 36" by 6' roller, pink or blue. We provide all props necessary for in-class time.

How soon can I begin Revolution Motherhood?

I have seen women 7 days after giving birth all way to 25 years Post Partum.  Your body, birth and recovery are personal and so is your fitness routine. If you are less than 6-weeks Post Partum and haven’t had your follow up with your health care provider, then shoot me an email so we can discuss your healing and create the best fit for you.

Do you offer group privates?

Yes!  If you have a group of friends and you want to set up your own Foundations, Signature or Intensive program, send me a note and we can get you started!

Do you work with men?

Yes!  Pelvic stability, deep core health and resilient strength and flexibility are for EVERY BODY!